Circulation by Mail: 10,025 (November 2013)

For 31 years, Advocate magazine has served attorneys who represent plaintiffs in Southern California, the largest regional legal market in the United States. Because the market is so large - over 50,000 practicing attorneys - it is critical that marketing efforts be targeted to the right group of attorneys. Advocate allows an advertiser to reach the trial lawyer community directly and without wasted circulation.

The readers of Advocate have traditionally been referred to as trial lawyers or personal injury attorneys. They represent the injured or wronged party in civil actions ranging from vehicle accidents to medical malpractice to wrongful termination of employment, police misconduct and toxic contamination of drinking water. They are the champion of the consumer - the common man with limited financial resources - and typically are compensated on a contingency fee basis.

The readership's income varies dramatically, as it includes the most successful trial lawyers in Southern California as well as those with more average practices. Because trial lawyers are paid only when they reach a settlement or win an award for their clients, their incomes can vary substantially from year to year.

Readers of Advocate tend to practice individually or in small law firms. Often, they are the managing partner of their firm, responsible not only for serving clients but also for purchasing office equipment, maintaining the library and hiring staff. In short, they are professionals, but also small business men and women. In short, advertising in Advocate reaches the decision makers.

The readership is 80% male, and while no formal surveys on age have been taken, observation of the crowd at the annual Las Vegas Convention would put the average age at 40 - 45.

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